Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese is a new business for me. For many years, I’d been on the hunt for a more ethical cheese which I liked to eat but it was quite by chance that I discovered their stall whilst passing through Headingley farmers market back in September. Surprisingly, my daughter took to it straight away, even though she is normally neophobic, and we were eager to get more once the first purchases ran out.

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I’ve not visited the farm, which means that my contact has been restricted to the stall at the market and one delivery of cheese via their website. However, my experience so far has been positive.

Touching note in my first delivery of cheese from Lincolnshire Poacher.

In talking to Jo Cartwright of Swillington Organic Farm, I learned that she buys her raw milk from Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese. This I take to be an endorsement that the latter are doing the right thing or as near right thing as possible, bar not farming animals at all.

There are many different cheeses on offer on the website, some of which are made by other farms. So far, we’ve only tried three from Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese itself and our favourite is the one aptly name ‘Lincolnshire Poacher’. It is similar to Gruyère is both flavour and texture.