Swillington Organic Farm

The farm is located just outside Leeds and has been the mainstay for my vegetables*, eggs and meat over the last ten years.

At the moment, the farm shop is open one Saturday a month, where it is possible to buy not only farm products but a range of other foodstuffs as well as extras such as toilet rolls.

The other option is to join one of the schemes for your eggs, vegetables* and meat. You need to pick up the eggs/vegetables* from the farm but meat can be delivered.

As the name of the farm suggests, the produce is organic (apart from the pork and other meat from their pigs) and Jo, the farmer, is fastidious about maintaining this status with the Soil Association.

In addition to buying food, it is also possible to get involved in growing it by volunteering at the farm. Generally, the opportunity to do this is on Fridays and Saturdays. On Saturdays, Jo also sometimes does a farm walk, which is always fun and interesting.

If you want to know about the farm, please look at their website: https://swillingtonorganicfarm.co.uk/

* Fruit and vegetables are seasonal. This means that while vegetables are available all year round, fruit grown on the farm is ready for harvest between July and October. Jo does now take some apples for bottling and she is currently looking into supplies of some more exotic fruit.