Socks – first pair sold

Below is the post I wrote regarding the first pair of socks I was hoping to sell. To be honest, I never expected them to be purchased, as it seemed extra-ordinary that anyone would buy handmade off the internet. However, ‘shy bairns get nowt’ as the saying goes, so you might as well try.

More socks will be advertised in due course.

After deliberating for quite some considerable time, I have finally got down to listing socks I made during lockdown on Ebay.

There are actually two pairs of these socks – size 4 1/2 or 37 in new money.

Here is the link if you are interested in purchasing one of the pairs: Growing out of chaos on EBay. I’m hoping long term to be able to sell without recourse to other online platforms but for the moment, it seems the sensible thing to do.

Anyway, I promised in the business introduction that I would provide details to make it easier for potential purchasers to make the right ethical decisions for themselves.

So, where does the yarn come from?

It was purchased at the haberdasher’s in my local town. The shop tends to sell yarns from manmade fibres but I do think it is important to support independent businesses close to smaller communities, so I buy the occasion items from there.

In this case, the yarn was in a sale, so it may have ended up in landfill if no one had bought it. Leeds does now have an incinerator but it’s still better to use rather than burn. It also saves a business from paying disposal fees.