Hosta soup

The basis for this soup is as for many you are likely to have already made: onions and potato. The other ingredients are hosta stems, which you may find taste like mild asparagus, and vegetable stock/milk.

In my cooking, I prefer to work by sight/impression rather than weighing out all the ingredients. Thus, if you want to try this recipe, you may wish to play around with the proportion of the ingredients. However, here is the general idea:

1 onion

3 medium sized potatoes

15 hosta stems

1 pint vegetable stock

1/2 pint milk


1. I steam the potatoes beforehand, so that they can be added to the food processor immediately the other vegetables are ready.

2. Fry the onion for a few minutes before adding the chopped up hosta stems to the pan. I undercooked the latter when I made the soup but the stems still broke down smoothly and at least as importantly tasted great.

3. Add all the soup ingredients to the food processor in the order that works for your machine (mine needs lots of liquid first). You may wish to keep back some potatoes and liquid so that you can adjust the consistency of the soup.

4. Add seasoning to taste.