Slow cooker baked potato and fried egg


Yesterday I decided to make baked potatoes in the slow cooker as I was only working in the morning and so would be able to arrive home before they had burnt to cinders. I’m still experimenting with how slow and for how long, but I think I have cracked the code now.

I put a drizzle of olive oil in the pot and cooked the (small large) potatoes on the lowest setting for about six hours and then turned the heat to the highest setting for a further two hours, by which point they had a lovely crisp skin and were soft inside (incidentally, I turned the potatoes when I came home). Then I chopped some onion and fried that for a couple of hours in the remaining oil and the water from when the potatoes had been cooking. To this I then added an egg, which cooked with the onion for about an hour. Finally, I garnished with fennel.

It was very little work for me but resulted in a delicious lunch today. Timings will vary, depending on the slow cooker used but in essence I think that very little can go wrong with this kind of dish.

© Helen Butt, March 2014

I love to read about your own experiences and any other feedback you have, so look forward to your comments below.

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