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A burst of blue

Okay, I exaggerate slightly but the glory-of-the-snow and anemones were a delight to my eyes this evening. Especially as it is the end of term and I was held up in traffic after a lorry was engulfed in flames on … Continue reading

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Underneath the flagstones

Today, I’ve prepared the ground for the next apple tree (Scrumptious), which all being well will go in the ground at the beginning of January. With the garden being so narrow, it will be a bit of a squeeze but … Continue reading

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The rain keeps running away

On Tuesday, there was an horrific multiple pile-up on the M62, which had major repercussions for getting home that evening. So, I eventually got off the standstill bus and ran to the train station. I got even more exercise by … Continue reading

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Whittling and old tights

It was wonderful weather for the workday at Old Sleningford Farm where we go once a month. I took one of my friends and I hope she enjoyed it as much as we did. One of the jobs my daughter … Continue reading

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Snails get everywhere

When my Orleans Reinette (dessert apple tree) was still but a maiden, a very large snail decided to clumb up the trunk. So, I put a copper band round the truck and didn’t see any more snails, even though the … Continue reading

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Round things

We first visited Helmsley Walled Garden last autumn and in spite of the best intentions hadn’t actually been back again before today. However, as we were on foot (in other words, not having to worry about bicycles as we had … Continue reading

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This year’s applesĀ 

Each time I count how many apples there are on my tree it comes out at a different number. However, if we say there are up to forty that means it is nearly four-fold more than last year. It has … Continue reading

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