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Elephant in the wood

Today, I’ve managed to use up all my energy on a walk through local woods, so gardening will have to yet again be postponed. I did however pick some tasty apples from our village community garden and some amazing rosehips … Continue reading

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A bee for my apples

Before I start my post proper, I would like to report that I have been able to make a partial fix of the comments function on my blog. It seems that WP has introduced a new piece of software for … Continue reading

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The knock-on effect of the drought?

For anyone who missed it, we had a drought last summer, followed by a dry winter and spring. I’ve only been in the CSA vegetable scheme at my local farm since last September, so I can’t be sure they have … Continue reading

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Fruits of exploration

Yesterday was yet another journey of discovery. I went for a second walk through St Aidan’s Nature Reserve, this time with a friend who had an ambition to climb a hill which she hadn’t wanted to tackle alone. Before we … Continue reading

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Spraying the beans

It decided to be another hot day yesterday but fortunately we were mostly working in the cool of the forest garden at Old Sleningford Farm. Towards the end of the day, we did some weeding in the raised beds area, … Continue reading

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Forgotten apples

Last autumn, I noticed an apple tree near where I park my car for work which was laden with apples. No one was picking them and they were falling all over the road. This year, I have come across a … Continue reading

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Not even hardened off yet

I’ve finished Week Two of my MOOC on soil early, so I’m a little lost. That said, there is plenty of observing of my own to do in the garden.  Every time I go past the apple tree, I have … Continue reading

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The antidote to paws in soil

I’d noticed what seemed to be paw prints in the soil but dismissed it as my foot when I’d accidentally trodden on the ground. But then I noticed the same where I knew I had definitely not put my feet. … Continue reading

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Is it Friday?

What with the half term school holidays and the days getting shorter, I haven’t been doing a lot in the garden this week. Or more accurately, anything. That is not to say there has been no activity.  I’m so pleased … Continue reading

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Brown rot

Turn your back for a minute and look what happens:   I believe the culprit is brown rot, which apparently sets in after the fruit has been damaged by a bird or insect. So, the pictured apple has now been … Continue reading

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