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Round the garden in 80 days #33

It’s been a while since I posted, principally because I’ve been very busy – and worn out. I did however managed to do some garden-related activities. One was to give away a number of bay tree branches to a woman … Continue reading

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Where’s the vigour then?

When I bought my pond plant in order to oxygenate the water, I was warned that it might take over and I think it is even banned in Ireland because of this. However, I don’t personally see the threat: True, … Continue reading

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Another neglected corner

There is a certain satisfaction in clearing the garden. Even though in the long run I would like to have a garden which is full all year, with as little bare ground as possible, knowing what I know now and … Continue reading

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Before and after 

I’ve been in tenderhooks all week, wondering if the base for my shed would be acceptable. This became all the more a concern, once I realised just how much I needed the shed. The wind the other day not only … Continue reading

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At last, the bay tree finds a home

When I bought my bay tree three years ago, it was not much more than a seedling. Once put into a larger pot it grew well, but was clearly restricted by the pot. Nonetheless, it has already supplied me with … Continue reading

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Harvesting the garden path….

Having freed up the pot which originally housed my fir tree last night, I decided to put the bay tree in its place today. And this time I watered the pot it was in first so that it would come … Continue reading

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The bay tree

Having discovered the taste of bay leaves a year or so ago, I have been on the look-out for a bay tree for some time. The issue has been the cost: usually, the trees seem to be sold when they … Continue reading

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