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Three slightly bigger trees

I got a timely reminder from The Woodland Trust the other day about looking after my two hazels and the yew tree I bought back in February. This is what they looked like before I cut away as much of … Continue reading

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A forgotten pocket

Over the winter at Old Sleningford Farm, we cleared an area of dead vegetation. I asked if I could keep some of the seed heads for my garden and put them in my jacket pocket. Then I didn’t wear the … Continue reading

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Isn’t it ironic?

Last night, I had a two-hour blast of painting the new fence but had to stop because of the light faded. So, this afternoon, I nipped out to finish the panel I’d given up on yesterday. Rain had been forecast … Continue reading

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A previously untouched corner

When I moved into my property in 2009, the back garden was awash with crocosmia. In most spots, I’ve managed to get them out but there are the occasional patches of resistance. One such is at the back of the … Continue reading

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Time for biomass

It looks like inside the shed is damp. Not only did some of my produce go mouldy over the winter but the phacelia seeds I kept in there were soft rather than brittle when I took them out today. I … Continue reading

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Mayhem outside

Last week was taken up with sorting out mayhem inside. Today, with a dry carpet, it was time to tackle what the wind was doing outside. Now, this may be the tail end of what’s been happening on the other … Continue reading

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Disappointed with the peas

‘Prolific’ is in the eye of the beholder, no doubt. However, by no definition would the pea crop this year be described as such. I managed three pickings, which makes me wish I’d stuck with mange-tout. They were quick to … Continue reading

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