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Bullace or sloe?

There’s a lane which runs down the side of my housing estate and is a cornucopia of goodies for the forager. At the moment, that means haws, so today I went with my basket to collect some in order to … Continue reading

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Forgotten apples

Last autumn, I noticed an apple tree near where I park my car for work which was laden with apples. No one was picking them and they were falling all over the road. This year, I have come across a … Continue reading

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Wasps and strawberries

I’d wondered why forest gardens tended not to have blackberries until through foraging and generally going on genuine country walks I noticed lots of them growing wild.  They are indeed a fabulous free food and there are plenty only minutes’ … Continue reading

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Taming the unruly 

This year, I seem to be spending far more time than ever before pulling and digging out unwanted vegetation. So much for mulch and ground cover supposedly keeping weeds at bay. To be fair, the reason there were brambles growing … Continue reading

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Not so thornless 

Hanging out the washing today reminded me of when I lived in Greece. Hot and dry – brilliant for washing. Not so fab when you’re trying to dig out dandelions, which was another job on the list. Maybe it’s my … Continue reading

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Small surprises

Last night, too late to take a picture, I noticed something in the undergrowth.    I had naively planted two cucumber plants in the spot where the blackberry bush used to be. Then, inspite of repeated attempts to pull up … Continue reading

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Self-seed City

I’m starting to see how land returns to nature. I am cultivating but, without chemicals and continuous digging, there are some interesting goings-on in the back garden. Last night, I took down the last of the phacelia, so that I … Continue reading

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