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Round the garden in 80 days #36

Yesterday morning, when I opened the curtains, I was greeted with the following view: Fortunately, I hadn’t planned to do any work today because we were off on a day trip to Addingham for spinning supplies and a meal at … Continue reading

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While I’m on hold

Yesterday, I went for the first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The side effects came on more or less as soon as I got home, which put paid to the rest of my day of annual leave being for anything … Continue reading

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The closest I’ve been

I got a surprise this morning when I got in the car to go and collect my provisions from the local organic farm. She’d been sitting there while I’d been doing my usual inspection of the front garden as I … Continue reading

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Taking a bath

I finally managed to find my phone in time to make a video of a pigeon having a bath in the pond. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work in a blog post, so here is a picture of two … Continue reading

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Monday morning

Last week, a flyer came through the letterbox, advertising a local milkman’s delivery service. He was no longer able to sell to the catering industry but wondered if members of the general public would be interested. The clincher for me … Continue reading

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Fat for the birds

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to make some fat balls for the garden birds. But have you ever tried to do this? At first, it seemed straightforward enough, mixing the seeds into the fat on … Continue reading

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Dwarf waterlily

Over the past few weeks, algae has been growing in my pond, so I’ve been on the lookout for an oxygenating plant to tackle the unwanted growth. Of course, not every nursery sells exactly what you want. My parents had … Continue reading

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Another unnamed gift

One of the other members of my Knit and Natter group asked me if I would be interested in something from her garden. It apparently likes damp soil, so I thought why not for the bog garden. I’m not so … Continue reading

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Raspberries in December

After an hour’s digging this morning, it was time to hit the sales in Leeds. Well, to get a new kettle, to be precise. This gave me the opportunity to have a wander through the sustainability garden at work, which … Continue reading

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Accepting the inevitable

It would be an exaggeration to say that my morning has been blighted by what I saw when I opened the dining room windows this morning. I wasn’t chuffed, though. It seems the rats don’t like pickled chillis, bay leaves … Continue reading

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