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Round the garden in 80 days #49

I’ve just watered the compost with a pint of milk…. It is a shame to have mixed up the milk bottles in the fridge and used the newest first but such situations were what galvanised me to compost my food … Continue reading

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The pink bluebell

One of the ladies in my Knit and Natter group sent a photo of the bluebells in some nearby woods, which, unlike the woods we discovered last weekend, I was already aware of. I hadn’t however realised they had bluebells! … Continue reading

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On the blue spectrum

It took me quite a while to locate the hostas at Belton Garden Centre this morning. I’d seen the variety, Halcyon, on another blog and was quite captivated by its blueness. The one I bought wasn’t quite as blue as … Continue reading

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Another use for the plastic liner

Having decided that the plastic liner I acquired for the pond is no good for this purpose, all is not lost. When I made the raised bed at the back of the garden, I was concerned about the soil rotting … Continue reading

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Another project – a slightly raised bed

You might wonder why I’ve embarked on another project when the pond is as yet waiting upon completion. Well, this new project ties into the whole because I need to do something with the soil mountain which has piled up … Continue reading

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Native bluebells?

This morning, whilst picking nettles for soup and cordial in a lane (bridleway) just by my house, I noticed some bluebells. My first thought was one of dismay, that Spanish bluebells were everywhere. However, I’m not so sure they are … Continue reading

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Couch grass

We seem to have had a reprieve from the most recent bout of rainy weather, so I decided it was time to get the spade out and make more space in the garden by getting rid of various unwanted vegetation. … Continue reading

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The first honey bee sighting 

Twenty-one degrees and sunny today. Sadly, very little of that could be enjoyed outside. After work and piano and voting in the local elections, however, the forum for my local community had a special vote for how we want our … Continue reading

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Ivy and other unwanted growth

  The ivy featured in the photo above came with the fir tree as a moving in present from a friend. It was therefore a little hard letting it go – but needs must. Whilst the ivy was in a … Continue reading

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Awash with purple

Having got over the upset last night when the screen on my mobile cracked, I have been able to appreciate the flowers in the back garden which are out in force at the moment. The colour might be a little … Continue reading

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