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Baby rhubarb

I can’t believe it is a month ago since I last volunteered at my local organic farm. And here I was once again, this time first potting up basil seedlings, followed by rhubarb transplants. I’d always wondered why the farm … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of oregano

Fortunately for me, the rain held off for much of the afternoon, so I took advantage of the still dry weather to get one job done in the garden. It was a glass half full or glass has empty moment … Continue reading

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White borage

This year, my borage has fared very poorly. Hardy annual it might be but drought resistant, no. However, it has started to re-emerge, now that we’ve started to get rain again. What I wasn’t expecting was to find a white … Continue reading

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Sempervivum in flower

My mum had hoped that my sempervivum (aka houseleeks) would flower for me – and they have! Or rather, one of the plants has. The tower they come out on seemed to appear out of nowhere but then the buds … Continue reading

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Out of the tarmac we grow!

Instead of the usual workday at Old Sleningford Farm, the hall the farm is part of had an open day as part of the National Garden Scheme. So, we took ourselves along to say hello to our friends and chat to … Continue reading

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Borage is back

Last year, I sowed borage seeds in the front garden to fill a space – a large space. The borage, with self-seeded phacelia, then took over and smothered quite a few other plants. Thankfully, they survived and have grown more … Continue reading

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Marigold really?

I’d been looking at the front garden for a long time, aware that it needed some sorting out. The frost and low temperatures (occasional) had left the borage in a sorry state and there were weeds aplenty. As it turned … Continue reading

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First day of the month update 

Well, it’s December and I have done virtually nothing in the garden for at least a month. That’s not to say that nothing has been happening. For one thing, the frost has melted the nasturtiums. Or that’s the nearest approximation … Continue reading

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First day of September (Garden looking lusher)

In my series of posts looking at the difference a month makes to the garden, I’m pleased that the main section is looking greener again, now that the poppies have all been removed. I actually think poppies have a negative … Continue reading

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Rain, sun and sleep

Inspired by A Tale of Two Gardens, I popped outside to check on my hosta. This year because of all the extra vegetation surrounding it, I have been unable to put the usual crushed eggshells round it. I had thought I … Continue reading

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