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A hugel bed for sprouts

A mixture of hay fever and the legacy of camping left me disinclined to brave the cold and rain yesterday. However, it had been in my diary to build another hugel bed, so before settling down for the evening my … Continue reading

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Brassica bed

Over the last few days, I’ve been clearing a section of garden of blackberry regrowth and roots. I was a little optimistic last autumn, when I took the blackberry bush out of its original location without taking up all the … Continue reading

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The cabbage patch

I’ve been watching my cabbages with a close eye over the last few days. The cabbage white butterflies have arrived and considering the devastation to the Chinese cabbage last autumn, I am primed for action.    Interestingly, though, the butterfly … Continue reading

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Incubator fail

After three days of rain, it has started off sunny and so with the extra time not working today affords me, I took a pre-breakfast walk round the garden. Inevitably, this meant carrying out an inspection of the crops. It … Continue reading

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Got my view back!

Well, the compost bin is almost full now! Earlier on today, I noticed that some of the flowers on the florence fennel had shrivelled and died. It therefore seemed unlikely that there would be any of the hoped-for seeds forthcoming. … Continue reading

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The domed city

I’ve just been outside, listening to the thunder (no sign of any lightening) and feeling the cooling stormy air. It has been hot again today and no doubt the plants are loving the heat followed by a big watering. It … Continue reading

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