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Moving the rat house

Yesterday morning, I discovered another hole in the garden. It was to my mind clear therefore that a rat had set up home in the compost bin. So, as it hadn’t started rain again at that point, out came the … Continue reading

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An unusual November

I think we’ve had more warmth, and definitely more rain, this November than we did over the summer. Now, rain in late autumn is not surprising but daytime temperatures of 17 degrees (nighttime 13) are a tad different from the … Continue reading

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Cauliflowers in their cage

Last year, just about all my cauliflowers got nibbled by something or simply perished. This year, on the other hand, I made sure I started them off early and put them in the ground when they were already robust seedlings. … Continue reading

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The nearest I’ll get to double digging

Darkness stopped me in my tracks last night. I had wanted to plant some cauliflower seedlings, so gone out with my hoe to spruce the soil up a little. Only the soil was compacted and there was no chance of … Continue reading

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Hardening off

In 2011, I tried my hand at growing cauliflowers from seed for the first time. I had bought plugs the previous year and they had done well, inspire of the snow that winter. So, I was curious to see how … Continue reading

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From the cracks in the earth

We had been waiting for a decent downpour every day. But the days they came and the days they went and apart from what amounted to not more than a bit of drizzle the promised rain held off. In fact, … Continue reading

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New cloche

Although it was quite gloomy today, it was a mild 17°C, so time to get on with some work in the garden, including planting cauliflower seedlings and then protecting them with a cloche I actually bought last year. In the … Continue reading

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Incubator fail

After three days of rain, it has started off sunny and so with the extra time not working today affords me, I took a pre-breakfast walk round the garden. Inevitably, this meant carrying out an inspection of the crops. It … Continue reading

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Blame it on the couch grass!

Whilst out in the garden this evening, I decided to start digging part of the ground where the lawn used to be – in readiness for the tomatoes to go in sometime next month. In the process, I noticed couch … Continue reading

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Time to get moving?

Time to get moving?

I’ve heard that it is going to snow sometime soon!

Well, I know that we’ve had a weird old world weatherwise this year but snow in October? I’m sure it’s not totally unheard of – and last year was freakish in its own way with a heatwave about this time – but I am in no way prepared for a massive drop in temperatures.

I had been planning on picking the tomatoes which look big enough, even though they are still green, this weekend. But I had intended to keep the smaller ones on the vines to see if they would grow any bigger. Perhaps I will still do that. After all, weather forecasts are frequently inaccurate. And the small ones might not come to much, anyway.


If there is an unseasonal downwards move in the weather, it looks like I will have to invest in new fleece pretty soon. I have got some lamentably thin stuff, which needs a wash, somewhere in my shed/Wendy house. This didn’t save the cauliflowers two years ago, though, so I wouldn’t want my nine lovely plants to be lost this time round, especially as they are the third attempt at propagation.

Thank goodness, on the other hand, that I discovered my all-weather cloches, which are over the turnips, spinach, some cauliflowers and half the chard. No snow is going to touch these beauties.

That leaves the pumpkins, which are totally exposed to the elements and still growing. I’ve got one reasonably big one, though it is still yellow rather than orange, and four small ones, in varying stages of smallness.

The parsley is going to be picked very soon, anyway, as I plan to freeze that in ice cubes, so that I have a supply over the winter. And the corn salad can be transported inside, if need be, as it is in a battered old wooden container. This is a legacy from the previous owner of my property, who I thought was growing chives in it, until I tried a mouthful. I think actually they were snowdrops. In any case, they didn’t taste that good, so I didn’t go for a second helping 😉

Whatever, I’m going to be a busy beaver over the coming weekend, which I understand is also Apple Weekend. So I hope we got to a local deli market I’ve not yet been to yet, even though it’s been going for over a year now. There I hope to find a stall with produce from Yorkshire Orchards, which we visited a couple of years ago for Apple Weekend for more unusual varieties of apple and pear. That was a good day out and I would do it again but am mindful of the need to continue to do less motoring that was my habit in the past :

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