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Another use for the plastic liner

Having decided that the plastic liner I acquired for the pond is no good for this purpose, all is not lost. When I made the raised bed at the back of the garden, I was concerned about the soil rotting … Continue reading

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Chilli in the shed

I’m not sure why my chilli plants always seem to fruit in autumn and winter but once again they are doing it as it cools down and gets darker. It might be hard to see the green chillies amongst the … Continue reading

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The forgotten crop

I’ve been so preoccupied with the melon plants by the back door, watching as fruit after fruit has failed to germinate and then dropped off, that I completely forgot about the chilli plant on my bedroom windowsill. Until this morning, … Continue reading

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My potting shed

Twelve months ago, I blogged that my heart’s desire was a potting shed. I knew in my reality this could be but a pipe dream, considering the size of my garden – and I wasn’t sure about security. However, I … Continue reading

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I used to know someone from Libya, who taught me much about food, including how to fry an egg. How to get to 30 and not know that they were best cooked on a low heat… But never mind, I … Continue reading

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Fruit, roots and trees

Normally, I would not rejoice in ferocious winds or fallen branches but yesterday I was relieved to see this in my garden    The object in question is a branch which had been lodged in next door’s tree after it … Continue reading

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An unusual November

I think we’ve had more warmth, and definitely more rain, this November than we did over the summer. Now, rain in late autumn is not surprising but daytime temperatures of 17 degrees (nighttime 13) are a tad different from the … Continue reading

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They’re chilli peppers!

I’ve been looking at one of my pepper plants for a while now, wondering why the fruit refused to grow. The plant has been nibbled by aphids – the lemon peel insecticide didn’t work and I kept picking the aphids … Continue reading

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Potting up

Moving onto the next phase of the spring rush: today I started potting up the tomato seedlings. That makes two plants which all being well will produce a fine crop of tomatoes in the autumn. Tomorrow I hope to do … Continue reading

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