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Underneath the flagstones

Today, I’ve prepared the ground for the next apple tree (Scrumptious), which all being well will go in the ground at the beginning of January. With the garden being so narrow, it will be a bit of a squeeze but … Continue reading

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On the buses again

Yesterday, there was a bit of a shock to the system. As well as some disappointment because I had thought travelling to work on public transport would have meant less wear and tear on my vehicle. However, the car failed … Continue reading

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Sometimes it feels as though nothing ever changes 

Having decided to leave the 2017 seed order till after Christmas, apart from putting more coffee grounds over the garlic, there isn’t a lot to do in the horticultural line right now. I have therefore started reading journal articles on … Continue reading

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The shape of things to come (weather patterns)?

A few years ago, we had snow and ice at this time of year. It seemed to go on forever and I learned a new term cabin fever, as this became a common complaint. Now, I don’t mind snow and ice … Continue reading

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The primroses are out!

Last week in Bruges, I noted that primroses were in bloom. Perhaps it is therefore fitting that the flowers I saw in the back garden today were the same colour as the ones in Belgium.   I also noticed some … Continue reading

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