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A reason to come home early

Normally, after I’ve visited my parents, I like to fit in a cultural visit somewhere en route home. Not today though, as I was on a mission to plant the new trees. I’d underestimated how long it would take me … Continue reading

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Covering up

At last, we seem to be having some winter weather. The sun is out and it’s frosty.    You probably can’t see any evidence of frost in the above photo but the ground is actually an itsy-bitsy bit hard. Hard … Continue reading

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New cloche

Although it was quite gloomy today, it was a mild 17°C, so time to get on with some work in the garden, including planting cauliflower seedlings and then protecting them with a cloche I actually bought last year. In the … Continue reading

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Sunday morning gardening

I love being able to get up and do as I please rather than having to rush around… Actually, my mind was already whirring with ideas and plans as I woke up. Some of them are for a later date … Continue reading

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Spot the difference between the cabbages

It looks like cabbages prefer to grow without protection! Continue reading

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The domed city

I’ve just been outside, listening to the thunder (no sign of any lightening) and feeling the cooling stormy air. It has been hot again today and no doubt the plants are loving the heat followed by a big watering. It … Continue reading

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Tomatoes going out

After the success of planting a tomato plant and pumpkin under cloche cover on Monday, I decided to plant another tomato out tonight. It is a bit chilly, so I am sure the plant will appreciate the cloche while it … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air

This week we have had snow. It has been cold and there has been disruption – and here are the most amazing flowers I have ever seen, right on my own windowsill. The windowsill is south-facing and we have had … Continue reading

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Tomatoes in January

Last autumn, when I picked the fruit off the tomato plant in my room, I noticed new flowers forming. Out of curiosity therefore I decided to keep the plant on the windowsill, water it occasionally and see what happened. The … Continue reading

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