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Keep up the hope

Yesterday, whilst sorting out the ground for the penultimate tomato plant, I noticed a cauliflower head appearing in the plant that I’d left in the (vain) hope that after a year of growing and having its energy zapped by the … Continue reading

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First day of September (Garden looking lusher)

In my series of posts looking at the difference a month makes to the garden, I’m pleased that the main section is looking greener again, now that the poppies have all been removed. I actually think poppies have a negative … Continue reading

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A leg up!

Work has really got in the way of the garden this week. I need to keep the chard and buckwheat under control, partly so they don’t reseed themselves and partly so they don’t take water from surrounding plants. However, a … Continue reading

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Kale uncovered 

How easy do you find it to bin seedlings? It’s certainly not something I do willingly and it’s a shame when there’s no one else interested. So, the alternative course is to find a space, somehow, anyhow, for them to … Continue reading

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Peppers left out in the cold

Whilst at Old Sleningford Farm on Sunday, the talk had turned to nettles, and the use thereof. Which prompted me to make a batch of nettle cordial yesterday (to start making it, as it will take a week in all). … Continue reading

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Cauliflowers in their cage

Last year, just about all my cauliflowers got nibbled by something or simply perished. This year, on the other hand, I made sure I started them off early and put them in the ground when they were already robust seedlings. … Continue reading

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The cabbage patch

I’ve been watching my cabbages with a close eye over the last few days. The cabbage white butterflies have arrived and considering the devastation to the Chinese cabbage last autumn, I am primed for action.    Interestingly, though, the butterfly … Continue reading

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