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One tomato plant down

The tomato plant in the large pot, sandwiched between the dalek composter and the raspberry canes, was doing really well. No doubt in part because it had lots of compost to dig its roots into. Perhaps it also benefitted from … Continue reading

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Back to the stables

Further proof that the horse manure is doing some good in the garden came the other day when I noticed what the blackbirds had been up to in the main garlic bed. I don’t know if the birds were successful … Continue reading

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Filling in a hole

When I built the pond, I used the soil that had been excavated to build up soil in the raised bed and round the apple trees. However, I don’t remember this dip in the garden: No matter, I have a … Continue reading

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A scream in the garden

Friday was an unexpectedly sunny day but cool enough for some heavy-duty work in the back garden. In view of the recent rat activity in the dakek compost bin I was keen to eliminate the issue. Having made the holes … Continue reading

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What makes you happy? Regular readers may be familiar with one of my passions: making compost, especially when the process is going right. So, I was very pleased the other day when I went to turn the contents of the … Continue reading

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A rowan tree

Until Thursday, I had prevaricated over whether to keep the self-seeded rowan growing by the bay tree. Then the decision was made to chop it down. It was too close the house and seeing how big some of the rowans … Continue reading

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Building the bed by the back door

There wasn’t a lot of soil left from excavating the hole for my pond in the winter of 2018, once I’d spread it round the garden. Thus, the bed by the back door had ended up with but a thin … Continue reading

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The claims and the reality

The Green Johanna website claims that the compost bin can produce the most fantastic compost in six weeks. Now, such a short amount of time is immaterial to me but quality is a different matter. The blurb I received with … Continue reading

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I’ve never seen those trees before!

I wasn’t sure if we should go into town (Leeds city centre) yesterday but there were some food stuffs that I needed and I would still rather not buy from supermarkets and large producers. Especially at this time, I fear, … Continue reading

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No pear tree this year

My plans for a dwarf pear tree have floundered this year. What with the bumpy start to the year for myself as well as the weather, the pot I was going to use for the tree is still full of … Continue reading

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