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Not used for a year

How often do you do a job and then wish you’d done it differently? In my case, the Green Johanna has turned out to be in the wrong place. First, I damaged to top growth of the hazel next to … Continue reading

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Through Leeds Rotters Composting Champions, I have come across a nationwide scheme to help build soil and grow food. This scheme, ShareWaste, brings together people who have food waste to donate and people who would love to compost it. The … Continue reading

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Convalescence activities

It’s not often I spend a day reading but yesterday I threw in the towel and learned a lot from the Internet (novels I can only read in paper form). On my metaphorical travels, I came across legal information pertaining … Continue reading

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Impossible not to dig

When I first learned about the no-dig technique, I wasn’t ready to take it on board. Then I moved up a notch and with my hugel beds in situ, there is little chance of my being able to dig approximately … Continue reading

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The bokashi bin

It being my birthday today, it’s been pretty awesome one way or another. Not least, when I got home there were two notifications that I had parcels waiting for me. One was at a neighbour’s, free wild flower seeds for … Continue reading

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Got my view back!

Well, the compost bin is almost full now! Earlier on today, I noticed that some of the flowers on the florence fennel had shrivelled and died. It therefore seemed unlikely that there would be any of the hoped-for seeds forthcoming. … Continue reading

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An hour in the hail

Turning the compost heap is not my favourite job. Is it yours? So, there was a lot of procrastinating this evening. The upshot was that just after I had stepped out I heard a clap of thunder. Then the hail … Continue reading

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