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Mother’s Day in Spring

How are you feeling? Hopefully well and able to appreciate the start of spring. It was a beautiful day for Mothering Sunday and, even though it was sad that my parents couldn’t join us for the meal I had booked … Continue reading

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February observations

For the first time in a month, I have felt like thinking about the garden. And once it got light this morning, I first wanted to get a good look at the daffodils which are coming up round the gooseberry … Continue reading

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Can’t believe my eyes

I could have done a Wordless Wednesday post with this photo but for the sake of clarity, these daffodils are far too early. Or may be it’s me that’s got the wrong month. I know that time goes faster as … Continue reading

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Better a get a move on – it’s spring!

Since the marigolds in the front garden have decided to keep flowering, I decided that the remaining tulip bulbs should go in a pot. The whole of the front really needs a sort out but I stuck to some weeding … Continue reading

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Yellow ‘snowdrops’

The last week or so have been crazy: of course, the snow with its school closures and such like didn’t help. But my sister is back in hospital with a pulmonary embolism and my dad had an operation on his … Continue reading

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‘Jocund company’

Earlier this week, I introduced my students to Wordsworth’s poem ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’. I had been introduced to it myself during the week of an English ‘A’ Level I did before transferring to French. I’d had a … Continue reading

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Deadheading for Dad

Yesterday, my daughter and I helped my dad out round the garden by deadheading the daffodils and other spring flowers past their best. I’d never thought to deadhead daffodils and some of mine are doing decidedly badly, so I think … Continue reading

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Yellow and red

Once more, the front garden has flowers to greet me when I leave the house and return home. The tete-a-tete daffodils are at their best right now, dotted about the garden – and the larger daffodils are pushing through. Unlike … Continue reading

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Lessons in being a lumberjack

On with the steel-toed boots and hard hat today. I had intended to make it to the Skelton Grange Conservation Centre for their volunteer workday long before the last time, a year ago, but you know how it is. Anyway, … Continue reading

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The first day of the month (Spring is here)

Some might say that spring has arrived, with it being the first of March. If so, it is a decidedly cold start to the season but I have seen full-blown daffodils out – and nearly stopped my car to take … Continue reading

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