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Nibbling the dandelion

Over lunch, I watched with fascination as a variety of birds came into the garden. One in particular caused great amusement, for after it had supped from the pond it turned its attention to something green. Who would have thought … Continue reading

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Another project – a slightly raised bed

You might wonder why I’ve embarked on another project when the pond is as yet waiting upon completion. Well, this new project ties into the whole because I need to do something with the soil mountain which has piled up … Continue reading

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Fertilising the apple tree

Yesterday, as I was planting my newest apple tree, I reminisced about the other two and how they had much less goodness in their planting holes. I’m not sure this will have affected outcomes but the oldest of them, the … Continue reading

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The forgotten hum

More tomato seedlings had appeared over the last few days, so after last week’s under-watering and then damping off, it looks like I will end up with at least enough tomato plants this year. It also meant that I needed … Continue reading

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Dandelions with a difference

Dandelions. Hate them, love them? Destroy them, eat them? It was Leeds Light Night yesterday and one of the exhibits was a ‘field of dandelions’. Not the most environmentally friendly sort but they won’t be spreading their seeds at least.

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A wow moment!

As I was working in the garden this morning, I felt for the first time since I moved into my property that it was turning into the space I want to be. I had the first inkling of this feeling … Continue reading

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Lasagne gardening feedback

Starting on Boxing Day last year, I did a lasagne gardening experiment to get rid of my lawn. Putting down cardboard covered with manure at that time of year should have made killing the grass easier, in theory perhaps, as … Continue reading

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Work in the vegetable patch

Normally, after doing the school run I need an hour to get up to speed – but yesterday I amazed myself. That said, I had some incentive. The new compost bin had been obscuring my view of the garden when … Continue reading

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The value of patience

It’s seventeen degrees out there and sunny, so I’ve been doing a bit of spontaneous gardening. The weeds have been rampant over the winter but many handfuls have now gone in the municipal green waste bin. However, while this job … Continue reading

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After a few days….

Apparently, my local reservoirs are now 98% full, if not overflowing, after all the recent rainfall, which is not only good news but makes up for the difficulty in being productive in the garden over the last few days. Some … Continue reading

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