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Looking after my roots

A couple of years ago, I was hopeful that I would have a beautiful rosemary bush but when I saw one flowering at a nursery in Leicestershire at beginning of last month, I knew something was wrong with mine. Since … Continue reading

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At last, we have some April….

showers. The soil has gone from being a lighter shade of pale to a medium that looks like it might have life in it. And not before time, as the dogwood (not in the photo) was starting to look very … Continue reading

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An explosion of autumn

In spite of weather reports forecasting subzero temperatures, when we got home yesterday, the nasturtiums were still going strong. However, there is no doubt autumn has arrived. The first photo was taken in the Belton Estate, near Grantham. We had … Continue reading

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Saving the sand

After last night’s work, clearing ground to enable me to do some shifting around in the garden, I kept the momentum up this afternoon by doing the next phase of landscaping. Namely, preparing the ground for the dogwood Cornus kesselringii … Continue reading

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Bluebell Arboretum

On Monday, we took a detour to get home from my parents, visiting a plant nursery in the Midlands. I have been on the lookout for a dogwood with black stems and am not sure the Cornus alba Kesselringii I … Continue reading

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