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Snow and climate change

I’m really pleased that there has been an increase in discussion about climate change in the media in recent weeks, no doubt in part to Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion. It’s an incredible shame that the issue needed this to … Continue reading

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Evening primrose roots

Last autumn, I discovered that the roots of evening primrose can be eaten and are apparently like parsnips. So, today I finally got round to digging up last year’s plants, which I thought had died, in order to see what … Continue reading

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Late for the dentist

This morning, I’d been loading the car with things to take to the tip, when I noticed some weeds and flowers which wanted removing from the front garden. Well, maybe they didn’t and it was simply social pressure. During the … Continue reading

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In the spring, a plant appeared which I had certainly never sown or planted. Out of curiosity, I let it grow and flower. And I’m glad I did, as the flowers were most charming. I didn’t have a name for … Continue reading

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The disappearing front lawn

Last year, I mused over what to do with my front garden. It was basically lawn with a tiny patch of pebble-infested clay under the window. At first, I thought about putting some plants in the latter and doing nothing … Continue reading

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