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Round the garden in 80 days #45

For Christmas, I got the following book: and was eager to try out some of the recipes, especially after yesterday purchasing the necessary spices which are generally not in my store cupboard. So, this morning was filled with kneading and … Continue reading

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The only tomato

I enjoyed the first tomato from the garden for lunch. It started growing on a short and spindly plant in the shed and promptly ripened on the vine, once it was planted outside in the raised bed. However, the plant … Continue reading

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A visible herb garden

I was truly fed up of the poppies in the herb garden and just waiting for enough room in the compost bin to dispose of them. Then I got a pattern for a crocheted bag off a friend and yesterday … Continue reading

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Evening primrose roots

Last autumn, I discovered that the roots of evening primrose can be eaten and are apparently like parsnips. So, today I finally got round to digging up last year’s plants, which I thought had died, in order to see what … Continue reading

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Determined to have parsnips

Yesterday, I shared with you the news that the roots of evening primrose may be like parsnips. And since parsnips are one of my favourite vegetables, it would be a shame to put the seeds I collected in the municipal … Continue reading

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An alternative to parsnips?

Parsnips don’t grow in my garden. Perhaps I haven’t tried hard enough. But if something is that difficult I might as well grow something else. Fortunately, evening primrose has none of the reticence exhibited by parsnips. It supposedly prefers full … Continue reading

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Courgette to the rescue 

August for me is similar to the last week of December. People are away or preoccupied, so essentially my daughter and I are left largely to amuse ourselves. Now, some families may feel this is ace. However, it is dull … Continue reading

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The antidote to paws in soil

I’d noticed what seemed to be paw prints in the soil but dismissed it as my foot when I’d accidentally trodden on the ground. But then I noticed the same where I knew I had definitely not put my feet. … Continue reading

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