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First forage of 2021

Now, before anyone thinks I’ve been breaking lockdown rules, I went as far as the back garden to collect a salad for my lunch today. I would say ‘our’ lunch but my daughter was totally underwhelmed. Instead, she opted for … Continue reading

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Harvesting begins

One minute the fennel seeds seemed not to be ripe, the next moment they were starting to fall off the plants. Now, I don’t want my garden to be full of nothing but fennel and I think a herbalist might … Continue reading

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All trussed up

It’s raining buckets right now – my weather app was accurate for a change: rain started promptly, just as I had finished today’s round of painting. Getting at the final panel on the new fence required cutting down the fennel … Continue reading

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The snail is oblivious

Today, I had new windows fitted, so hopefully the house will be warmer in winter and simultaneously the heating bills will go down. In the meantime, whilst the work was going on inside the house I busied myself with some … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t like to party?

This weekend gone, we were at Old Sleningford Farm for a magnificent party. I didn’t manage to speak to all of the 100 or so guests but every conversation was worth having. I also got some dancing in! Anyway, during … Continue reading

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The novelty of working at three degrees

It was so cold today, the secateurs were like ice cubes in my hands. Likewise, it was not comfortable holding the spade. However, I was pleased to get a few small jobs out of the way in the garden this … Continue reading

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Where did the fennel come from?

About a week ago, I cut down the fennel (herb) after collecting the seeds for tea. I therefore thought that was the end of that.  But this evening, whilst gathering salad leaves I noticed a fennel plant amongst the cabbages … Continue reading

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Fennel from a different angle

The first ever fennel I grew in my garden was the herb variety. I got a three inch pot from RHS Harlow Carr and put it in the pot with the fir tree I got from a friend as a … Continue reading

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The apple tree and fennel

‘Fennel: plant away from gardens; disliked by most plants.’ John Jeavons, How to grow more vegetables The other day I posted a photo of the blossom on my apple tree. I was pleased that some was finally showing but I … Continue reading

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One and a half jobs reduced by one!

All sorted – new panel in and busy can resume as usual. Continue reading

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