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Snow and climate change

I’m really pleased that there has been an increase in discussion about climate change in the media in recent weeks, no doubt in part to Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion. It’s an incredible shame that the issue needed this to … Continue reading

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One month and a half till March

With so much work to be done over the autumn and winter, I haven’t felt the urge for the new gardening year to begin until just now. But then I got a seed catalogue from The Seed Co-operative, a company … Continue reading

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My daughter’s tree

It’s not often we go out for the day and come back with a tree. Nor do I frequently get a helping hand in the garden. However, this is a special tree: My daughter chose it at R V Roger’s … Continue reading

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I’ve been dipping into the latest GROW Observatory online course, which is ostensibly about the results of their monoculture vs polyculture experiment this summer. I wasn’t able to take part due to lack of growing space but it is interesting, … Continue reading

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Accepting the inevitable

It would be an exaggeration to say that my morning has been blighted by what I saw when I opened the dining room windows this morning. I wasn’t chuffed, though. It seems the rats don’t like pickled chillis, bay leaves … Continue reading

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Garlic then day lilies

I’m pretty amazed by the recent developments at the back of the garden, where I had been battling with ground elder. When I checked yesterday to see what might be growing, there were shoots but only those I wanted: garlic. … Continue reading

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A surprise harvest

Most of the time, food comes in from the garden in dribs and drabs. I pick what I need for that meal and leave the rest till it’s wanted. However, as I’m determined to avoid the dreaded blight this year, … Continue reading

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Preparing the ground for a hazel

The start of a two and a half week break came yesterday evening. I’ve been longing for this moment, not so much because I need a break but because I’m itching to get on with so many jobs. I won’t … Continue reading

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Starting on the garden makeover

Since the fence between my neighbour and I went up on Saturday, I’ve been able to evaluate in context the way I would like my garden to go. It already feels more like a garden, being more enclosed, although a … Continue reading

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Centre for Alternative Technology

On Sunday, we drove down to the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. It wasn’t the most straightforward for journeys due to accidents and queues of traffic but I was pleased to have some energy to look round before retiring … Continue reading

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