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Folding it up

After a few days of deliberation, I had decided what to do about the pond liner which was sticking out round the pond. Basically, I folded it under the pond as best I could so that I didn’t make any … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Stone

It doesn’t look like the fence on the left side of my garden is going to go up any time soon but I have been making plans for such an eventuality. There’s no point in continuing with the business as … Continue reading

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Slate (and coffee cups)

Last year, at Old Sleningford Farm, we cleaned the slate nameplates for the apple trees in the forest garden. From that moment, I wanted to have slate nameplates for my own trees. Eighteen months later, I decided to put an advert … Continue reading

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Waiting for a Freegler

A couple of years ago, I broke down our sofa (donated by a neighbour) to make way for a piano. I tried to salvage as much as I could for repurposing, including the wadding, which I imagined using for cushions. … Continue reading

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The propagator

Today was the final one of the Permaculture Design Course, where we got to present our group designs of an allotment plot. It was a slightly surreal experience, particularly in view of the fact that I only met this year’s … Continue reading

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The jigsaw puzzle

I’d been trying in vain to hand over the shelves from my old fridge freezer through Freegle. However, one of the potential takers, if I hadn’t lived so far from them, had said they would have wanted the shelves to … Continue reading

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The case of drawers

My fridge-freezer had been showing signs of aging and not wanting to poison us with something which had repeatedly thawed and refrozen, I went out and bought a new one yesterday afternoon. I was a little astounded that in just … Continue reading

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