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Moving online

I hear that more and more people are shopping online these days. Even before the pandemic, it was an increasing trend, but now there appears to be panic that the high street is dying and so we should all get … Continue reading

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Baby rhubarb

I can’t believe it is a month ago since I last volunteered at my local organic farm. And here I was once again, this time first potting up basil seedlings, followed by rhubarb transplants. I’d always wondered why the farm … Continue reading

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More than we need

So far, I’ve been remembering to water the plant pots in the propagator, which I set up on Palm Sunday. That doesn’t mean I was looking at it every day, so I was a little surprised when I did so … Continue reading

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Through Leeds Rotters Composting Champions, I have come across a nationwide scheme to help build soil and grow food. This scheme, ShareWaste, brings together people who have food waste to donate and people who would love to compost it. The … Continue reading

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Not quite such a damp squib

This morning, I woke up to rain but when I looked out the French doors at the back it was reasonably light and the wind seemed bearable. As I had just offered a lady on Freegle most of my collection … Continue reading

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Too warm for parsnips

Has anyone else noticed parsnips tasting off this year? I thought it was just me leaving my share of them when collecting my vegetables from the local organic farm. But today I noticed the donations box (where people leave unwanted … Continue reading

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An early Christmas present for a Freegler

Christmas seems to be more and more of an anti-climax each year – a brief interlude of boredom before the hope of a new year. I was therefore taken by surprise this afternoon, when a Freegler messaged to wish me … Continue reading

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A funny shape

I had a moment of excitement followed by a fairly swift disappointment this evening. When we moved into the house ten years ago, I’d been making spinach pie, only to discover that the oven didn’t work. However, whilst making beeswax … Continue reading

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A safe place to step

Over the last year or so, I’ve often been wobbling around on bricks to get from A to B in the back garden. Slowly, I’ve been collecting stones to aid the walking process but have nonetheless had one or two … Continue reading

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Boxes full

Yesterday evening, I picked up three boxes of glass jars from a grateful lady in North Leeds. Since her husband had stopped driving, she had built up quite a collection in the garage and would undoubtedly have loved me to … Continue reading

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