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Spraying the beans

It decided to be another hot day yesterday but fortunately we were mostly working in the cool of the forest garden at Old Sleningford Farm. Towards the end of the day, we did some weeding in the raised beds area, … Continue reading

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A bean pod

Every year, I vow that I will water more than I did the last year. It doesn’t happen. Except this year. I might still not be watering enough – there comes a point where the cost of watering outweighs the … Continue reading

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Beans and more beans

Yesterday, the beans I had sown directly in the ground started coming through. Yay! Honestly, it’s been quite cold at night, so this comes as something of a surprise. But if they are coming through, then the beans I sowed … Continue reading

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Seed Cooperative purchases

Last year, I saw an advertisement for the Seed Cooperative, which sells organic seeds, and decided this is where I would buy mine this year. The company’s policies tick lots of boxes for me: supporting other small organisations which work … Continue reading

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