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Nature’s patterns in frost form

After recent online shenanigans I finally felt as though I’d got my gardening mojo back today. At least insofar as I was able to appreciate the beauty of nature in its winter form. I had to decline the offer of … Continue reading

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Winter starts with white now

There seems to have been more frost this year than I remember for a long time. Thus, at the Old Sleningford Farm workday, I was glad for once to be wearing gloves when pruning the apple trees. Officially, it is … Continue reading

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Covering up

At last, we seem to be having some winter weather. The sun is out and it’s frosty.    You probably can’t see any evidence of frost in the above photo but the ground is actually an itsy-bitsy bit hard. Hard … Continue reading

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First frost 2013

Woke up to a pretty frost this morning and am now busy in the kitchen making yet more good use of the Halloween pumpkin! Continue reading

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Nipping out rather than stepping out

It seems such a long time since I last posted on my blog but I have not abandoned it…. It’s simply the case that I’ve been decorating, socialising and running after errant cloches, which have been doing a marvelous job … Continue reading

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After a night away

Even after just one night away, it is always exciting to come back home and see what has been happening in the garden. I’d been kindly given more empty milk cartons to store the rainwater, so job number one was … Continue reading

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