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Busy at home

With the weather being so good last month, I finally got down to painting the garden shed. When I’d first got it, it seemed a shame to cover the new wood – don’t you just love the smell! But then … Continue reading

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Not quite such a damp squib

This morning, I woke up to rain but when I looked out the French doors at the back it was reasonably light and the wind seemed bearable. As I had just offered a lady on Freegle most of my collection … Continue reading

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One panel at a time

My neighbour approached me about painting the new fence between us. I liked the colour as it was but see that it would be better to preserve the wood. Besides, the shed also needs a paint – it smelled too … Continue reading

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Beans in the propagator

Due to the activities of wildlife visitors to the garden, some of the broad beans I direct sowed last autumn will probably not produce. Fortunately, there were a few seeds left in the packet, so they have been sown in … Continue reading

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Before and after 

I’ve been in tenderhooks all week, wondering if the base for my shed would be acceptable. This became all the more a concern, once I realised just how much I needed the shed. The wind the other day not only … Continue reading

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