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Peeping through

A short while ago, there was a rainbow to the south-west of the house. Yes, it’s drizzling and sunny at the same time. And windy, so doing my Friday morning inspection of the gardens has been quite exhilarating, one way … Continue reading

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Light after 4 p.m.

I’d been meaning to get out in the garden today but somehow during school hours the time flew by before I could find my gloves and a trowel. Actually, I didn’t realise I would need a trowel until I got … Continue reading

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First January plantings

Today was the last day of our holidays and after being cooped up inside for a couple of days we really needed some fresh air as well as some positive memories to take us forward into what is decidedly a … Continue reading

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Preparing the winter garden

It was a sad moment when I took out one of the tomato plants this afternoon. But it had to done in order to make way for the compost bin. The bin is too heavy to lift with its contents … Continue reading

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Garlic bulbils

I had forgotten about my garlic bolting, so when I came to sort out the now dry bulbs it was a surprise to see the umbels on the stalks.  At first, I thought they were small heads of garlic, although … Continue reading

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