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Roots and soil condition

My enthusiasm for building hugel beds is on the wane. Psoriatic hands and heavy soil don’t go too well together. However, I woke up this morning and felt inspired to get the spade out. The sun helped. So, now hugel … Continue reading

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Half a spade deep

Yesterday, I took advantage of the rain to move the fuchsia. It’s got quite big now and is preventing me enjoying the smaller plants around it. Besides, it seemed a sensible idea to place it in the part of the … Continue reading

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As if by magic!

This morning, I have seen just how useful a potting shed could be. I drew up the kitchen blind and there before me    was a pot of cauliflower seedlings. Yesterday, I swear there was only one of them – … Continue reading

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Teeming with life

This morning, on the school run, I was delighted by the sight of a garden brimming with blooming daffodils. It also felt a bit eerie, considering we are barely into February. I would love to have had a photo but … Continue reading

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November bumblebee

I have been wondering whether to cut down the phacelia in the front garden, especially since it was somewhat affected by the frost on Monday.  However, I’m glad that I didn’t because I was amazed by the following sight when … Continue reading

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Lasagne gardening feedback

Starting on Boxing Day last year, I did a lasagne gardening experiment to get rid of my lawn. Putting down cardboard covered with manure at that time of year should have made killing the grass easier, in theory perhaps, as … Continue reading

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Next phase in the front garden

It’s the start of ten days off work and I want my time to be as productive as possible. So what better way to procrastine over jobs in the house than to get into the garden! The phacelia and other … Continue reading

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