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Round the garden in 80 days #41

It’s several weeks, if not months, since I bought the juniper for the front garden. First, I left in the pot in the position where I thought it would be best planted so that I could gauge whether this was … Continue reading

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Two Ps

The strawberry plants are on the wane. They’ve been in the ground for at least five years now and some had already been removed last year. The process continues, with this afternoon a number of strawberry plants being taken up … Continue reading

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Late for the dentist

This morning, I’d been loading the car with things to take to the tip, when I noticed some weeds and flowers which wanted removing from the front garden. Well, maybe they didn’t and it was simply social pressure. During the … Continue reading

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This year’s applesĀ 

Each time I count how many apples there are on my tree it comes out at a different number. However, if we say there are up to forty that means it is nearly four-fold more than last year. It has … Continue reading

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Lemon balm in the forestĀ 

Last year, I found a self-seeded lemon balm in the garden. I had actually dug it up, thinking I had a weed. Then I noticed the leaves and the lemony aroma. Hmm, not your usual kind of weed then. The … Continue reading

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Hugelkultur and the blackberry bush

After I had dug out the last of the hawthorn bush at the back of the garden, I felt relieved that I wouldn’t have to do anymore heavy digging. But I forgot about the blackberry bush, which was taking up … Continue reading

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