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The heather

A couple of year’s ago, I bought a very small heather, partly because I believe in supporting any enterprise which upholds nature. I had no idea where to put it, though, so it languished in its very small pot on … Continue reading

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The last day in August 2015

If memory serves me correctly, this time last year I wrote a similarly titled post about the garden on the approach to autumn. The main difference, apart from more wrinkles (me) and being an inch taller (my daughter), is that … Continue reading

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Anaerobic activity

I have a fascination with my compost heap. Even though on the surface it looks more inert than half the crops in my garden, there was clearly a lot of activity going on last night. Before I turned the heap … Continue reading

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The wonderful patter of rainfall

For once, the forecast on my phone was right – it did rain today. When I woke up this morning it was great to hear the rain. I find it soothing in any case but it meant that I would … Continue reading

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