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Herb garden soil improvement 

Until a year ago, the soil in my now herb garden had never been cultivated (apart from one sowing of clover as green manure). It is compacted and originally I had thought it was clay because it is so hard. … Continue reading

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Pruning the lavender

When we went to Yorkshire Lavender at the end of last month, there was a sign which gave advice which I thought I might heed. It seemed unlikely that the three lavender seedlings in the herb garden would really need cutting back, … Continue reading

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Who would dig up a cucumber vine?

I had intended to plant out one of the purple sprouting broccoli plants when I got home this evening. However, it was already starting to get dark. And I got sidetracked by the sight that presented itself when I went … Continue reading

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The first day of the month (and can you ever get sick of strawberries?)

I know that my garden has evolved over the last six-seven years, since I bought the house. When I look at past photos, this knowledge is confirmed. However, with everything now being digital and on different devices, some more accessible … Continue reading

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We don’t just like strawberries

I weighed in the strawberries I picked today at about a pound, so I guess this week we’ve collected altogether at least two pounds. In other words, I’m quite happy to let the resident birds munch on the fruit as … Continue reading

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A day spent between the garden and the kitchen 

When I woke up this morning, the ground was still bone dry but within the hour the heavens had opened and the soil was replenished with water. Having sorted out the phacelia last night, I was able immediately to crack … Continue reading

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‘Nature abhors a vacuum’

My original plan for the herb garden, once the hugel beds were in, was to use bricks to make a path between them. However, that hasn’t happened yet, so volunteer plants have been making their way to this patch of … Continue reading

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