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Round the garden in 80 days #40

It’s that time of year again when the holly at the bottom of the back garden gets its festive trim. I can’t believe how much the tree has grown since I discovered it. Originally, there had been a fence at … Continue reading

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Christmas growth and flowers

After much angst over nearly two years, it looks like the globe artichoke is not only going to survive but may become the plant I’d been hoping it would be. On the other hand, the Nine-star broccoli doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Hellebores and holly

Two hellebores had been sitting on my patio for a number of weeks, waiting for me to do some clearing up in the front garden. I’d been inspired to add them to the collection after seeing hellebores intermingled with snowdrops … Continue reading

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The holly and the hawthorn

When I moved into my property in 2009, there was a hawthorn hedge at the back of the garden. Being a native species and it being important for ecological reasons to have trees on our properties, I can see why … Continue reading

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The Holly

Well, if I thought it was Christmas yesterday, I must surely think so again today……. I had noticed some holly growing under the hawthorn bush (ex-hawthorn bush!!) but didn’t know how much until the latter was no more. In any … Continue reading

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Sunshine brings the people out

An excellent afternoon on the allotment – as much a social occasion as one for digging. Continue reading

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Wonder World eradicates a virus

Another enjoyable afternoon on the allotment. Explored the disused patch behind my plot and took home more goodies. Continue reading

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