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Improving the raised bed

Two years ago, when I made the raised bed, there wasn’t enough soil left from what was excavated to make the pond to fill it to the top. I’d not been making much compost at this time and was trying … Continue reading

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Gearing up for summer

This year, I don’t intend to have as many pots in the house as I would have done in previous years. For a start, I’ve only got four tomato plants this time, although I could end up with a large … Continue reading

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Is there really goodness in this?

Yesterday I had designated as compost bin turning day. It’s not a job I look forward to – too much hard work – but the rewards are what motivates me to get out there and get on with the job. … Continue reading

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Half full!

And no plastic….. We’re talking about the compost bin here, rather than my glass of beer. Whilst turning the compost heap earlier this evening, I was joined by a friend who was almost as enthusiastic about the amount of new … Continue reading

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I’ve just finished turning the compost heap – ie the one which new cuttings and vegetable waste go into. In spite of the hot weather recently, I was pleased to collect about 25 l. of compost which could go in … Continue reading

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Gift from the compost heap: new potatoes

I was pleased to wake up to rain this morning – and we even got a bit throughout the day . So, the soil looked nice and dark brown again! Today has been a long one: having to take public … Continue reading

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