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A visible herb garden

I was truly fed up of the poppies in the herb garden and just waiting for enough room in the compost bin to dispose of them. Then I got a pattern for a crocheted bag off a friend and yesterday … Continue reading

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Herb garden soil improvement 

Until a year ago, the soil in my now herb garden had never been cultivated (apart from one sowing of clover as green manure). It is compacted and originally I had thought it was clay because it is so hard. … Continue reading

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How do you feel about honesty? Well, honesty matters to me very much…  Hence, my slight dismay upon sighting the following: I hadn’t realised that honesty was part of the brassica family. But with so many leaves munched it must … Continue reading

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The Allotment Plot

I have an allotment – can’t believe my luck and am raring to get going on that plot! Continue reading

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