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Decision: rotten not pungent

After I built a mini hugelbed by the backdoor I planted the wild garlic I’d dug up from its original bed. In the interim, it had been in a pot which became waterlogged and there was a veritable stench. As … Continue reading

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A hole and a wall

Suddenly, I feel the pressure is on to get jobs in the garden done. One of these was to use up the rest of the latest bokashi to add fertility to the new rhubarb bed, after it was lifted last … Continue reading

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The last hugelbed

With a new bokashi bin ready and a spring-like day, there has been no better opportunity to enjoy some time in the garden. Another of those long-awaited days arrived this morning, when I could put my back into the next … Continue reading

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Frozen ground

In my school geography class I learned that frost was good for killing germs in the soil. Now, I don’t know if that is an issue in my garden but whether or not I will be able to do my … Continue reading

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The antidote to transcribing

It probably was a good move to work from home today, considering how much concentration is needed for transcribing a discussion. At work itself, I normally have to snatch a few minutes here and there – and then I can’t … Continue reading

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Never too much soil

I’m now keeping my fingers crossed that the rat which has conveniently turned my compost heap doesn’t take a fancy to the bed I have constructed by the back door. Last year, the ill-fated hugel bed I built about this … Continue reading

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Ready for the weekend

Over the last few days, I’ve been preparing the stretch on the patio which was being used as a repository for miscellaneous objects looking for a better home. Thus, I moved the aforementioned in order to get the ball rolling … Continue reading

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