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Not moving but doubling!

Many moons ago, I had a blackberry bush. I’d bought it just as I crashed into a major depression in 2011. I didn’t know very much about horticulture at this point but it amazes me that I had the gumption … Continue reading

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Another hole

Well, there was no snow today (phew!), so I was able to get out into the garden and do another job on my list. In previous years, I have tended to leave the Jerusalem artichokes until they have been almost … Continue reading

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A different way to store ‘em!

At the weekend, I’d been wondering about this last year’s Jerusalem artichokes, which is when it had occurred to me that I could dry them in the dehydrator. It does actually say in the instructions that the dehydrator can be … Continue reading

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No pear tree this year

My plans for a dwarf pear tree have floundered this year. What with the bumpy start to the year for myself as well as the weather, the pot I was going to use for the tree is still full of … Continue reading

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Looking after my roots

A couple of years ago, I was hopeful that I would have a beautiful rosemary bush but when I saw one flowering at a nursery in Leicestershire at beginning of last month, I knew something was wrong with mine. Since … Continue reading

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The last of the JA whoppers?

Since the yew and hazel trees I ordered from The Woodland Trust have now arrived at my parents’, it was time to get the Jerusalem artichokes out of the ground. The tree isn’t going in exactly this spot but I … Continue reading

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From radio interviews to ground elder

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from a BBC radio producer asking if I would mind being interviewed for one of their programmes (it isn’t to do with gardening or use of buses etc). The upshot is that this lunchtime … Continue reading

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Sweetcorn vs. Jerusalem artichokes

I’ve already decided the Jerusalem artichokes need to be moved to a pot after this growing season. This space is going to have a hazel tree in it. However, there is another very good reason for the move: not only … Continue reading

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This year’s Jerusalem artichokes

It has been unbelievably springlike today and for the first time in an absolute age I enjoyed working in the garden. The plan was to dig up the Jerusalem artichokes, put the contents of the last bokashi bin in the … Continue reading

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Chop and mop

Things have been a bit hectic over the last few days. Not only have I been at work after two weeks off but I managed to flood the downstairs of my house on Monday morning, whilst disconnecting the washing machine, … Continue reading

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