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In order to see the soapwort…

I cleared away the rocket growing around it. I had somehow not expected the soapwort to have flowers. I’d been thinking purely in terms of its potential as an alternative to soap. However, soap which also flowers seems a good … Continue reading

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Even the succulents are dying

Today there were a few spots of rain. Actually, on the surface, in some parts of the garden the soil went dark brown. And not wanting to miss the opportunity of dampened soil, I got my spade out and made … Continue reading

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Onions instead of docks

My phone’s spell check wanted ‘socks’ instead of ‘docks’ but socks only go in the compost bin, not directly in the garden. The latest sock had to come back out again as it turned out to be more manmade material … Continue reading

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Pruning the lavender

When we went to Yorkshire Lavender at the end of last month, there was a sign which gave advice which I thought I might heed. It seemed unlikely that the three lavender seedlings in the herb garden would really need cutting back, … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday, we made an unplanned visit to Yorkshire Lavender. When I went there a couple of years ago, I was knocked out for two days afterwards. It seems to be having a similar soporific effect this time. Except that I … Continue reading

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Taming the unruly 

This year, I seem to be spending far more time than ever before pulling and digging out unwanted vegetation. So much for mulch and ground cover supposedly keeping weeds at bay. To be fair, the reason there were brambles growing … Continue reading

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Hardy perennials

Today, charity shopping with friends, I inevitably found lots of things I hadn’t been intending to buy. However, a ¬£1 book which might tell me something useful about the hardy perennials I have wasn’t an object I felt I could … Continue reading

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Not deja vu!

The other day I noticed a couple of seedlings coming through where I had sown lavender. Could have been lavender, could have been a random seedling.    Today there were four and I doubt very much there would be that … Continue reading

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Lavender or mystery friend?

What with plants popping up left, right and centre in pots around the house – without being knowingly sown – I’m trying hard not to be too excited about these seedlings:    However, there are two and they are in … Continue reading

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