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Around the garden in 80 days #12

It’s been a beautifully sunny day here – I hope you’ve been blessed with sunshine, too. Unfortunately, I’ve been stuck at a computer all day, although I did manage to get out before it got too dark to turn the … Continue reading

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Harvesting what I can

The rhubarb isn’t growing very well this year. I put it down to the crown only being rehomed in its new spot in March, so its roots couldn’t develop in time. Never mind, it is good to have a rest … Continue reading

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A ladybird on the mint

On my list of jobs for today was to move the finishing off compost bin to the back of the garden. Before I moved it, though, I had a go at removing some couch grass and brambles from the space … Continue reading

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This year’s unproductive patch

I’m going to be doing a lot of moving backwards and forwards over the next few months in order to wiggle everything into the garden. So, this evening I made space for the stones and other paraphernalia on my patio … Continue reading

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Bye bye bills!

Before anyone thinks I have gone off-grid (no, not yet!), I still have bills, although I was pleased that the gas was less this winter than last (because of the new French doors?). Yesterday, I dug a trench for bokashi … Continue reading

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St Aidan’s Nature Reserve (RSPB)

This morning, as the ‘great thaw’ has started, I got out my secateurs and trimmed the lemon balm bush. I’d forgotten that it had been planted as a single stem in a very small pot, which caused me some amusement … Continue reading

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Drying nasturtium flowers

This afternoon, I decided I’d been thinking about doing some work in the garden for long enough without any action. So, the plan was to get out there and chop the lemon balm bush back in order to make room … Continue reading

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Sorting the forest garden out

In a recent post I mentioned the lemon balm, which was going crazy in my back garden. It all started when a small volunteer arrived a couple years or so ago. I put it in a pot once I realised it … Continue reading

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PDC Revisited

In January 2016, I started a PDC. My original thought was that I might use it as a stepping stone to a new career. But something extraordinary happened which has nothing to do with permaculture. I remembered how much I … Continue reading

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Lemon balm in the forest 

Last year, I found a self-seeded lemon balm in the garden. I had actually dug it up, thinking I had a weed. Then I noticed the leaves and the lemony aroma. Hmm, not your usual kind of weed then. The … Continue reading

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