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While I’m on hold

Yesterday, I went for the first shot of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The side effects came on more or less as soon as I got home, which put paid to the rest of my day of annual leave being for anything … Continue reading

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Building the bed by the back door

There wasn’t a lot of soil left from excavating the hole for my pond in the winter of 2018, once I’d spread it round the garden. Thus, the bed by the back door had ended up with but a thin … Continue reading

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Popping up

I got quite excited at the weekend. Shoots were starting to appear where two weeks ago I’d sown a mixture of beans by covering them with manure. Upon inspection, these shoots turned out to be nasturtiums, which are also welcome … Continue reading

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It’s a wonderful world

Spring is in the air and I have been taking advantage of it at the plot. Continue reading

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Fuchsia first

Meet the first flowers I have purposely set out to buy for our garden: Fuchsia (Beacon). My dad used to have fuchsia and I have always loved them. So they were an absolute must…. Especially when the garden centre I … Continue reading

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