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Round the garden in 80 days #21

As we move into the second quarter of my 80 days around the garden series, we have another episode on clearing unwanted undergrowth. This patch at the back by the Reinette OrlĂ©ans looks worse than it actually turned out to … Continue reading

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Careful with those buds!

My obsession with the hazel trees continues…. I’ve been working from home today and, when the virus check slowed the computer down to the extent I could’ve scroll down any of the documents I was using, I decided it was … Continue reading

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Preparing the ground for a hazel

The start of a two and a half week break came yesterday evening. I’ve been longing for this moment, not so much because I need a break but because I’m itching to get on with so many jobs. I won’t … Continue reading

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Blueberries or mint?

For weeks, I’ve been meaning to dig up the mint which has been swamping the blueberry bush. Now, I think the moment has past. After finally sowing the sweet cicely seeds (kept a few aside to sow separately in case … Continue reading

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Another mystery leaves the stage

After the recent rain, at last I felt I could get on with jobs that softer soil make easier. Namely, continue potential improvements to the forest garden. About 18 months ago, I mulched round the apple tree with the result … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (Herb and vegetable bed outside Leeds Civic Hall)


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A better view

In spite of the continued April showers – yes, it is May – and the cool temperatures, after an impromptu afternoon snooze I galvanised myself into action. Here is the overall result, seen from the patio: And again from the … Continue reading

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Straddling two seasons

In spite of buying super duper new net cloches the other day, I decided to start a new batch of cauliflowers off in the house as I don’t think they appreciate being raised in the ground. The nets look like … Continue reading

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