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Around the garden in 80 days #7

Yesterday, I posted about the cyclamen in the front garden, which have made a surprising recovery from earlier neglect. Today, the focus is on flowers which always manage well on their own. The first is nasturtiums, which come back year … Continue reading

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Right to the top

Well, today I emptied out the last of the bags of horse manure. The jury is still out as to whether anymore is procured from the stables near the farm where I buy raw milk and now also sourdough bread, … Continue reading

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Better beans?

2020 has been a dismal year for beans – at least for me. The molluscs made a meal of the broad beans over winter and it continued from there. Every time I saw a broad bean shoot, it was too … Continue reading

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End of August (oops, that should read July!) flower round-up

My flowers might not be the magnificent display that I see elsewhere in the blogging world but they have brought a smile to my face when I’ve popped out for a breather this week. Overall, it seems there are a … Continue reading

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How to fill a Green Johanna

I had had high hopes of yesterday morning, originally intending to get quite a few jobs done in the garden. However, work has become a bit of a nightmare and I ended up pre-occupied with other matters than horticulture. I … Continue reading

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No let-up!

If you are in the U.K., you may be forgiven for thinking this post is a moan about the incessant rain. However, as it appears to be doing my garden some good – ah, the sandy loam is coming into … Continue reading

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Nasturtiums in January

Sometimes procrastination can be good. I had intended to take a photo of the nasturtiums in the front garden in December, as I was pleased they were still on the go then. Anyway, this never happened but as I was … Continue reading

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Better a get a move on – it’s spring!

Since the marigolds in the front garden have decided to keep flowering, I decided that the remaining tulip bulbs should go in a pot. The whole of the front really needs a sort out but I stuck to some weeding … Continue reading

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Whilst the nasturtiums chug along

It looks like HS2 could soon be chugging along in place of ancient woodland in my village. Last night, I picked up a wadge of pamphlets and booklets at the last HS2 consultation. Speaking to representatives of the SOWHAT campaign, … Continue reading

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Drying nasturtium flowers

This afternoon, I decided I’d been thinking about doing some work in the garden for long enough without any action. So, the plan was to get out there and chop the lemon balm bush back in order to make room … Continue reading

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