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Better beans?

2020 has been a dismal year for beans – at least for me. The molluscs made a meal of the broad beans over winter and it continued from there. Every time I saw a broad bean shoot, it was too … Continue reading

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Popping up

I got quite excited at the weekend. Shoots were starting to appear where two weeks ago I’d sown a mixture of beans by covering them with manure. Upon inspection, these shoots turned out to be nasturtiums, which are also welcome … Continue reading

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A new way of sowing beans

Way back at the beginning of lockdown, I was alerted to the fact that the Permaculture film ‘Inhabit’ was free to view at the moment. As I’m not great at watching things, I’d not got round to watching it till … Continue reading

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New toys

I’m glad I’ve been on annual leave over the last few days, whilst we’ve had a short heatwave in Britain. I’m also glad to have picked up a new spade and a fork from my dad, as he does a … Continue reading

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Impossible not to dig

When I first learned about the no-dig technique, I wasn’t ready to take it on board. Then I moved up a notch and with my hugel beds in situ, there is little chance of my being able to dig approximately … Continue reading

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Determined to have squash this year

After the warmth and near drought in the spring, we now have something akin to a second winter. Of course, approximately 20 degrees C is warmer than you’d find on a normal winter’s day but the wind, coupled with April … Continue reading

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