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Black cumin

Well, I picked one of the smallest crops I’ve ever had today but it was an experiment of sorts. A few years ago, I attempted to grow cumin but as is often the way, it didn’t get watered enough. I’m … Continue reading

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No let-up!

If you are in the U.K., you may be forgiven for thinking this post is a moan about the incessant rain. However, as it appears to be doing my garden some good – ah, the sandy loam is coming into … Continue reading

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The only tomato

I enjoyed the first tomato from the garden for lunch. It started growing on a short and spindly plant in the shed and promptly ripened on the vine, once it was planted outside in the raised bed. However, the plant … Continue reading

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Three years ago, when we came to Cornwall for the first time, I was a little surprised that it was such a tourist destination. This time round, I am starting to see the attraction. My daughter herself declared today as … Continue reading

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‘Sorry for the lack of vegetables…’

When I went to my local organic farm today, there was a note apologising for the fact that, due to lack of rain, there were no vegetables for sale. So, it’s not just me then! However, the shop-bought parsley I … Continue reading

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Supermarket parsley

Last night, my daughter was playing steel pans at a music festival, so I had a lovely evening out – a beautiful drive along the A660, which provides one of the most amazing views in the whole of the country, … Continue reading

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At 10 degrees….

I hope the butternut squash I planted out the other day will survive the complete change in the weather. Today has been 20 degrees C cooler than last week, so even though I hardened off the little plant shown above, … Continue reading

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I’d been thinking there was little to do in the garden right now, but I did manage an unplanned hour outside yesterday. This included doing some weeding. Nothing too spectacular there until I got to the hugel bed with the … Continue reading

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Next year’s seeds

Fifty pence a packet for next years’ seeds – how could I say no?! Continue reading

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Intrepid spinach

As the unseasonal snow we had last weekend melts, I have noticed small spinach leaves showing through. This was planted last autumn and never came to anything. I’ve never actually had any luck with anything in the baskets (as shown … Continue reading

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