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A pigeon and wellies

Today turned out to be good for the soil in a couple of ways. Firstly, as I was wandering the garden, admiring the primroses, marvelling at the hardiness of the marigolds and taking note of edible shoots (garlic, chives and … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of apple blossom

I’ve just been watching pairs of pigeons fighting/courting. One of example of how much more entertaining the garden can be in comparison with television. The other main joy today has been smelling the apple blossom. Why I’ve never before thought … Continue reading

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The first day of the month (Spring is here)

Some might say that spring has arrived, with it being the first of March. If so, it is a decidedly cold start to the season but I have seen full-blown daffodils out – and nearly stopped my car to take … Continue reading

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Time to get the net out

The mangetout I sowed indoors and then planted out after the ones sown in situ had started poking through the top of the milk cartons put over them as a cloche. So, even though the nights are still cool, feeling … Continue reading

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Clearly not pigeon fodder!

Yesterday, I broadcast sowed some ryegrass seed and realised there was a good chance our feathered friends would take an interest in it. Indeed, I wasn’t wrong! This morning, already running late as usual, I took one final look out … Continue reading

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