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Raspberries in December

After an hour’s digging this morning, it was time to hit the sales in Leeds. Well, to get a new kettle, to be precise. This gave me the opportunity to have a wander through the sustainability garden at work, which … Continue reading

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Bullace or sloe?

There’s a lane which runs down the side of my housing estate and is a cornucopia of goodies for the forager. At the moment, that means haws, so today I went with my basket to collect some in order to … Continue reading

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Beans and more beans

Yesterday, the beans I had sown directly in the ground started coming through. Yay! Honestly, it’s been quite cold at night, so this comes as something of a surprise. But if they are coming through, then the beans I sowed … Continue reading

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Unexpected onions

Yesterday, when I arrived at work, there was a big bag of onion sets in the staff room. ‘Please take them!’ one of my colleagues had written; her allotment association had ordered too many. Goodness knows how many they’d ordered … Continue reading

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A pigeon and wellies

Today turned out to be good for the soil in a couple of ways. Firstly, as I was wandering the garden, admiring the primroses, marvelling at the hardiness of the marigolds and taking note of edible shoots (garlic, chives and … Continue reading

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The sweet smell of apple blossom

I’ve just been watching pairs of pigeons fighting/courting. One of example of how much more entertaining the garden can be in comparison with television. The other main joy today has been smelling the apple blossom. Why I’ve never before thought … Continue reading

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The first day of the month (Spring is here)

Some might say that spring has arrived, with it being the first of March. If so, it is a decidedly cold start to the season but I have seen full-blown daffodils out – and nearly stopped my car to take … Continue reading

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