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With a hardened heart…

I pulled a load of poppies earlier today. Every year, I say I am going to stop the poppies from dominating the landscape and plant some beans instead. Then I let one of my favourite flowers have its way. Until … Continue reading

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Nibbling the dandelion

Over lunch, I watched with fascination as a variety of birds came into the garden. One in particular caused great amusement, for after it had supped from the pond it turned its attention to something green. Who would have thought … Continue reading

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A pheasant joins the crowd

It seems that the pond may be an attraction for a bird I’d never seen near my garden before: I couldn’t believe my eyes, as this is the first pheasant I’ve ever seen in the area. Perhaps he was on … Continue reading

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First there was one and then there were three

Ever since I missed an opportunity to take a photograph of a blackbird making use of the pond, I’ve been on the lookout for another. The birds are generally too quick but yesterday I was in luck. Taking a photo … Continue reading

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Twenty-one washing up bowls of water

After my siesta yesterday afternoon, I started on revamping the pond. I’d left it a bit late in the day, though, and from past experience have learned that rushing a job when my heart isn’t in it leads to mistakes. … Continue reading

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Raspberries in December

After an hour’s digging this morning, it was time to hit the sales in Leeds. Well, to get a new kettle, to be precise. This gave me the opportunity to have a wander through the sustainability garden at work, which … Continue reading

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Bullace or sloe?

There’s a lane which runs down the side of my housing estate and is a cornucopia of goodies for the forager. At the moment, that means haws, so today I went with my basket to collect some in order to … Continue reading

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